Sunday, 26 February 2012


tomorrow I'm aloud to eat but I'm fasting . wish me luck .

okay since im really busy on weekends

with hanging out with family and friends I changed every weekend to be 500calories. If I can I'll eat as little as possible and try to stick to the diet on weekends as well but I'll not go over 500 calories. so far today I ate 360calories and am going to eat 100 for supper and then a rice cake later maybe . stay strong !

my morning planing (:

Saturday, 25 February 2012

One Thing I Want To Do?

Have abs and show them off to make guys jealous (: not even girls . I want guys to be jealous of me too .

Ate Dinner

okay so today was a 100 calorie day . I ended up eating vegetable soup (90) and that's it . I plan to burn double that today and make it so today my net is -90

My Birthday Next Sunday ..

okay so one week and one day from today is my birthday (march 4th) ...
me and my best friend Cassie are going to the water park and im still really embarrassed about my weight and body so this week means pull all the strengths and work out and starve like so much ! exspexially cause I'll have cake for my birthday (YUCCK) and then super .. and my friends will make me have ice cream or something and then my teacher will buy my class a cake cause it's my birthday and it's just like FUCKK . so all week I have to push it to the limit !

Note To Self

Day #5 (100calories)

I haven't eaten anything yet but since it's a saturday it's going to be hard for me to hide the fact of not eating from my mom ... my plan is to make sure my net is below 100calories .
My thought is if I get to supper time without eating I can either have vegetable soup(100) ... or 4 vegetarian meatballs(96) but then again I'll end up adding some kind of sauce to the veggie meat balls but I'm okay with that . cause it will seem to my mom that I'm eating normal.
As to how I'm feeling on day 5.. well to start of the hunger isn't really there with me as strong as it use to be but I'm extremely tired for having 10 hours of sleep . Other then that I feel great. I notice my tummy shrinking a little bit, so I thought I might as well give you my start measurements(these were taken the week before I started the diet)
bust- 32"
waist- 26"
hips- 33"
those are the only ones I'm really worried about other then my thighs and arms but I'll maybe start something with those next week (: I'm going to weigh my self soon .. not sure when cause my scales broken but when I go to my dads (hopefully tomorrow) or grandparents or somewhere that has a scale I'll let you know(:
I actually had a cup of coffee today (no cream or milk) with 1tbs of sugar but i don't count the sugar intake as anything cause I was always able to digest pure sugar really easily . I also find of you add some vanilla extract in there it really suppresses your appetite well(: wish me luck on the rest of my day my pretties(: it's currently 1:40pm so about 3-4 hours tell supper.

Day #5 (100 calories)

Friday, 24 February 2012

I went over today

fuck my period . at least my net was still 0 and my food choices were kinda healthy ..